Gouverneurszaal at Landgoed Altenbroek

Suitable for an active meeting session.


12 personen 65 m2

The Gouverneurszaal is suitable for meetings in combination with active sessions in between because of the large space. A beautiful fireplace can enhance the feeling of 'meeting somewhere else'.

A large window offers a view over the valley and also a view of the pond of Landgoed Altenbroek. The appearance of the Gouverneurszaal shows the history of the building, an enormous (functional) fireplace provides an atmosphere that you can only find at a Landgoed Altenbroek.


  • TV (50 inches)
  • Atmospheric authentic fireplace
  • Flipchart and large whiteboard
  • Coffee, tea and water from our own source
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In the Gouverneurszaal we have 1 set-up where a maximum of 12 people can sit at a large long table. In addition, there is a sitting area with 2 benches and a coffee table to discuss separately from the group.

The space is suitable for:

  • Meeting or management consultation
  • Small-scale seminar
  • Workshop

In addition to the Gouverneurszaal, we also have the Vijverzaal, which can also be used as a break-out room or for the kick-off of the meeting. After the meeting or workshop, you can dine with the group in our Private Dining room. Or come and have lunch in our restaurant.

We offer a number of meeting packages, but can also make a fully customized proposal

If you have any questions, please contact us via the form or call  +32 4 268 01 62