Unwind, find balance and connect with yourself during a retreat at Landgoed Altenbroek

Retreat on the Altenbroek Estate

Imagine an extraordinary business retreat that invites you to continue to perform and inspire optimally from a healthy balance. At Landgoed Altenbroek, amidst natural splendour, Beter inZicht offers an exclusive experience that goes beyond the standard business retreat

Beter inZicht

The retreats are under the professional medical guidance of a doctor of lifestyle medicine: Stefan Ottenheijm and a qualified expert on resilience & change power: Beatrijs van Brakel. A unique combination that guarantees sustainable results thanks to your tailor-made retreat.

During the retreat, the experts coach and doctor, lead sessions that challenge you to continue to perform optimally and inspire from a healthy balance. You will learn how to reduce stress effectively and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Structure of the programme

Enrich yourself with various sessions, including a refreshing start in nature, training awareness and waste management to rid yourself of physical and mental toxins. Learning to relax effectively, increasing your physiological intelligence and experiencing the power of healthy breathing are on the programme.

Get to know your heart through proven biofeedback methods with the Heart-Brain communication, giving you measurable insights for demonstrable improvements. During this retreat, you will learn to see resistances and symptoms as catalysts for growth, and all this is guided by the expert practitioner and specialist coach. Enjoy a recurring feature on the retreat days: walks in nature where you will also experience the power of a well-known Japanese recipe for happiness and health: Shinrin Yoku. End the day with inspiring stories around the fire.

*This programme can also be booked as a (management) team. The content will then be tailored to the team DNA and development needs of the team and organisation.

Business rate

The rate is € 1,890,- and includes the following: a personal medical check by the doctor, including blood analysis and follow-up, a leadership style scan and a personal interview with a leadership coach.

*In-company rate: on request and depends on the number of participants.

Immerse yourself in this breath-taking journey of self-discovery, growth and inspiration. Your personal leadership journey starts here, at Landgoed Altenbroek.